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            E-mail: sales@gidi-chain.com


            Chain Asking

            Mar 27, 2019
            Which chain sizes come with spring clip connecting links?? 25 to 60 have spring clip connecting links.? 80 to 200 have cotter pin connecting links.? 240 has a spring pin connecting link.What lu…

            Standard Packing

            Mar 27, 2019
            10FT BOXED or 5M BOXED Color boxes are available for 10ft or 5M length Plywood case Chain are packed by plywood case for outside. REELED (Pallet Size) : When ordering a long l…


            Mar 27, 2019
            CONNECTING LINK (Spring Clip Type ) : Spring clip type is standard for small pitch chains through size #60. Similar to the pin link, except that the detachable plate is slip-fitted to the pins an…